First-time users will be given 1000 LKP to complete the team lineup. Before your first match starts, an UNLIMITED player transfer is allowed.

You can convert your LKP to these items :

  • 5LKP => 1 Training
  • 10LKP => 2 Trainings
  • 30LKP => 8 Trainings
  • 50LKP => 20 Trainings
  • 100LKP => 1WILDCARD (UNLIMITED PLAYER TRANSFER – Can be used in any matchweeks)

You can top-up LKP by purchasing package :


Users are required to select 15 players from the 16 competing teams. 

Users will start the game by spending given 1000 LKP given to build their fantasy team by purchasing footballer.

Group Stage

      • 3 transfer limit per match week for MW 1 -> MW 6 *cannot carry forward (limit 2 players from each club)


Quater Final (MW7 – MW 8)

      • 5 transfer limit *cannot carry forward (limit 3 players from each club)

Semi Final (MW9 – MW 10)

      •  6 transfer limit *cannot carry forward (limit 5 players from each club)

Final (MW 11)

      •  6 transfer limit *cannot carry forward (limit 6 players from each club)

Redeem your wildcard when needed by using LKP.

No challenge session for the fantasy competition.

Improve your players by training

You will be given FREE daily 4 training.

Each skill train on a player will increase points by 0.2 depends on the action on matchday

You can train a same player once in a day

To enable more training, you can use your LKP

to redeem for more training