Liga Kita is a brand name and the first product from Quad Data Sdn. Bhd, Offering Malaysian fans the best fantasy league platform and provides valuable and accurate insights both for fans and football clubs.

Our mission is to provide Malaysians with the best domestic football fantasy platform, packed with valuable, accessible data for fans and associations. Delivered by a well-developed platform that enables us to capture data accurately, both on and off the pitch

Fantasy football lets you try your skills as a fantasy owner. After you join a league, you scout for players, compete against other fantasy owners, and use all your skills to win the championship.

Ligakita application is an application that combines news media and entertainment in the form of fantasy games as its core product, providing engagement among fans.

Our fantasy league offers an unofficial fantasy gaming platform for the Malaysian super league, and several football leagues including amateur leagues.

This unique game system is designed to provide immersive gameplay experience and to enliven the local football industry by offering an all -friendly platform.

This fantasy game app is free and there is absolutely no charge for users to play. There are several competitions that do not require a registration fee, However, there are some paid contests organized by our business partners which require users to pay for the entrance fee. and players can choose according to their respective wishes.

According to the original plan, the following is a list of leagues that will be held in our fantasy league:

  1. Malaysia Super League 21 (unofficial)
  2. Euro 2020 (unofficial)
  3. Selangor Champions League 21 (official)
  4. Malaysia Cup 21 (unofficial)

Private leagues are one of the features of fantasy games where players can organize their own tournaments. The goal is to have fun competing with friends or coworkers on a seemingly even playing field. Fantasy gives us something to talk about the sports that we love.

Select a league, press the add button,  create league name, select league start and end dates. Then share the league code number which is automatically generated with friends. Players wishing to join can enter the league code by pressing the join a league button.

Challenge is another fantasy feature in Ligakita apps, where players can challenge other players head to head. Points collected during the weekend will be compared and the winner will get XP (refer to how to play). Each player can challenge up to 5 other fantasy teams each week.

Liga Kita fantasy app offers the chance to win prizes from the official Ligakita competition, or an organizer such as business partners as well as participants registered as organizers.

If a player is interested in organizing a competitive competition with a lucrative prize offer, the player must register as an organizer with LigaKita. Each offer needs to be deposited first for the guarantee of the competition and each transaction that takes place needs to go through the system that has been provided. transactions that are not system-verified and beyond our knowledge are beyond the responsibility of Liga Kita

The fantasy league will start as soon as the competition starts as announced by the body, or the football association.

Signing up to Fantasi Liga Kita is easy and free! Just download our app on Google Play Store or the App Store and sign up using your facebook or google account.

If you cant sign in using your email, you may login using facebook or google account which is set on your phone, or kindly email us at [email protected].

You can update your account at any time once you have logged in. Just access your account via the profile icon on the header. From here you can update your personal information, including email addresses and passwords, as well as any preferences that you have previously selected.

Information on the confirmed fixture is included in the stats page in our apps.

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