Fantasy Selangor Champions League 2019 - Week 1 - Let’s Play!

The first week of SCL is almost upon us and that means it's time for the first batch of SCL tips! All eyes are on last year's top performers, NPNG's Lukhman Noor Hakim, Puchong's Gabriel Sunday & Faye Jacque, now with Batu Dua, to carry over their 2018 form into this year's edition. Some of the lesser known players, such as Belia Selangor's S. Sharvin, Jang's Hasrul Nurkholis & Bukit Kapar's Syafiq Mohd Zahari can bring about surprising yields in their respective matches. If you want some cheaper options, PIB's Faizal Sumar, Teleflow's Danial Syakri & SLB's Azrein Iqwan can help you manage your budget. Sign up, log on and play to win!

Matchweek One fixtures with tips to pick:

Game One: Puchong Fuerza Gamestop vs Bangi Jang’s Troopers

Puchong Fuerza Gamestop: Gabriel Sunday - Goalkeeper and Hakim Zainal - Forward

Bangi Jang’s Troopers: Hasrul Nurkholis - Forward and Syazwan Saupi - Midfield

Game Two: Belia Selangor vs SA Klasiko

Belia Selangor: S. Sharvin - Forward and Fakrul Iman - Midfield

SA Klasiko: Al-Amin Abdullah - Defence and Nabilah Khan - Forward

Game Three: Cyberjaya Teleflow vs Kuala Selangor Batu Dua

Cyberjaya Teleflow: Lucky Ogu - Defence and Danial Syakri - Midfield

Kuala Selangor Batu Dua: Faye Jacque - Forward and Nik Mohd Syukri - Forward

Game Four: SLB Up vs Subang Protap II

SLB Up: Syazwan Mohd Basil - Forward and Azrein Iqwan - Midfield

Subang Protap II : Noor Azrin Adnan - Goalkeeper and Haedar Abdul Halim - Midfield

Game Five: MPKJ vs Bukit Kapar

MPKJ: Fauzi Adnan - Midfield and Aiyakhaire Daniel - Forward

Bukit Kapar: Fitri Shazwan Reduwan - Midfield and Syafiq Mohd Zahari - Midfield

Game Six: SSPL M4 Champions vs SA PIB

SSPL M4 Champions: To be added

SA PIB: Faizal Sumar - Defender and Huzaini Muhd Ikhram - Forward

Game Seven: NPNG Damansara Damai vs MBSA

NPNG Damansara Damai: Lukhman Noor Hakim - Midfield and P. Surain - Defender

MBSA: Ainol Yazied - Defender and Hafizi Ahmad Daruri - Forward

Game Eight: Kingstown Klang vs KVL M4 Champions

Kingstown Klang: Zulhilmi Mohd Zaki - Midfield and M. Noor Hassan - Defence

KVL M4 Champions: To be added

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